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New Year's Premium 3-Tiered Box

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New Year's Premium 3-Tiered Box  京料理 やまの 三段重

Top Tier 壱の重

Burdock root cooked in vinegar, Simmered field mustard, Plum shaped mochi sweet rice,C andied Japanese sweet potatoes, Desalted dried codfish-cooked in salty-sweet sauce, Sweetly stewed unshelled, head-on shrimp, Savory-sweet black soybeans topped with gold foil, Candied chestnuts and mashed sweet potatoes, Fish cake, Desalted herring roe simmered in dashi, Sweet and sour pickled turnips, Seasoned salmon roe, Grilled squid, Whelk cooked in salty-sweet sauce

Middle Tier 弐の重

Mildly sweet cooked shiitake mushrooms, Mildly sweet cooked Japanese taro, Fish cake filled with spinach, Fish cake filled with shrimp cake, Umami shimmered Kyoto-style grilled yuba,Mildly sweet cooked lotus root, Stewed bite-sized pieces of kombu-wrapped herring, Mildly sweet cooked carrots, Skewered red&white rice cake, Grilled saikyo-miso marinated tilefish, Teriyaki grilled Japanese Amberjack, Grilled Scallop, Candied young peach, Seasoned seafoods, Soy sauce marinated dried squid and kelp, Marinated salmon & mushrooms/Kohada (gizzard shad) and milet pickled together, Squid marinaded with plum vinegar

Bottom Tier 参の重

Simmered octopus legs, Fu (wheat cake) wrapped in bamboo leaf, Candied sweet potato with white sesame, Fish cake, Marinated white fish, Smoked Salmon, Burdock root wrapped with saltwater eel, Smoked Squid Salad, Candied walnut, Pickled radish w/yuzu citrus, Wrapped cooked shrimp

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* This item is available for pickup at the following locations:

Tokyo Central: Gardena, Torrance, Pacific, Costa Mesa, West Covina, and Yorba Linda store

Marukai Market: Cupertino, Little Tokyo, West L.A., and San Diego stores.

* Order deadline is Thursday, 12/28.

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