Marukai / Tokyo Central takes the health and safety concerns of COVID- 19 very seriously and are committed to help protect our valuable customers and employees.

We are implementing the following to provide a safe environment for all.


  • Requiring face masks at all times for employees and customers. Individuals who are unable to wear a face mask due to a medical condition must wear a face shield with a drape.   Children under two years of age are exempt.
  • Reminding employees and customers to stay home if they have symptoms of, are diagnosed with or have been in close contact with someone with COVID- 19.
  • Limiting customer occupancy to ensure social distancing by metering at entrances.
  • Reminding employees and customers to keep 6’ social distancing with posters, markers and announcements.
  • Installed plexiglass shields at check stands.
  • Providing contactless payment options at check stands.
  • Sanitizing shopping carts and baskets.              
  • Providing hand sanitizer for customers at front entrance and check stands.
  • Providing hand sanitizer for employees at various locations throughout the store.   
  • Cleaning high touch areas frequently. 
  • Customers that bring their reusable shopping bags must leave them in the shopping cart/basket and bag their own groceries.
  • Providing special shopping hours for customers 60+ in age and an accompanying caregiver or assisting family member.


Location and time for senior hour:

Tokyo Central  >>  See location and time for senior hour

Marukai >> See location and time for senior hour